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It is used in asthma, bloating, catarrh, dust allergy, headaches, herpes, rheumatism, spasmodic cough. Pothos is a suitable remedy for many respiratory conditions like a spasmodic cough, asthma, catarrh etc. Pothos helps in relieving spasmodic cough with troublesome respiration.

There is a sudden feeling of anguish and sweat with a cough. A spasmodic cough worse from inhaling any dust. Pothos also helps in sneezing caused due to allergic condition to dust. There is sneezing with pain in the throat.

Also pain in chest with difficulty in breathing in asthma, relieved by stool. Pothos is also indicated in bloating condition of the abdomen. There are erratic spasmodic pains. Inflation or bloating of the abdomen with tension. 

Pothos is also useful in a headache. When there is a pain in single spots, with the violent pulsation of temporal arteries, outward drawing from glabella.

A headache is better in open air. There is red swelling across the bridge of the nose. The patient is absent minded and irritable. Pothos also helps in herpes and rheumatism as well. 
Use under medical supervision.
SBL Pothos Foetidus 0/14 LM