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It is used in swelling of the inguinal glands. Diarrhea, several attacks a day.
Also used in urinary complaints patient complaining of Turbid urine, depositing a white and albuminous sediment.
Urine of a saffron colour. Red (bloody) urine with brick dust sediment after the attack. Thick, purulent urine, with an intolerable smell of musk. Burning during micturition. Crampy pain in the kidneys.
Renal colic (right and also left) with violent vomiting every fifteen minutes, she twists about, wrings her hands, screams and groans.

Also use in male sexual problems like Heat, swelling, and excessive sensibility of the left testicle.
For female sexual problems when there is lancinations in the labia major. Swelling of the whole vulva.
Falling of the vagina, so as to issue even from the vulva. Itching at the breasts. Engorgement of the mammary glands.The tips of the breasts are very painful, the least contact extorts a cry. Compressive pain in the breast, as is the case with wet-nurses.
Used in umbness of right thigh for two days.
It is employed in bath for rheumatism.
Skin: Acts as an irritant.
Sleep: Dreams about being poisoned. Dreams about her parents, friends, children.
Fever: Is sudorific. Used in bilious remittent fevers.

Use under medical supervision.
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