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Commonly known as Yarrow, this remedy is a priceless remedy for types of bleeding disorders. 

Excellent remedy for all types of bleeding, viz, nosebleeds, bloody urine, expectoration with blood etc 

Given after the ill effects after falling from a height, or from overlifting. 

A good remedy for patients recovering after operating for stones. 

Feels as if he has forgotten something, vertigo when moving slow. 

Convulsions if the periods are suppressed. 

A good remedy for bleeding piles, varicose veins that are painful during pregnancy. 

Extremely heavy flow during periods with bright red bleeding continuing for too long. 

A cough has blood when periods are absent or piles get suppressed. 

Dose- As prescribed by the physician. Can be taken along with other allopathic medicines. 

Side effects- None 

Maintain half an hour gap between food/drink/any other medicines and homeopathic medicine. 
Avoid any strong smell in the mouth while taking medicine e.g. camphor, garlic, onion, coffee, hing. 

Use under medical supervision.
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