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SBL Ignatia Amara Mother Tincture is a homoeopathic medicine that is indicated for the symptoms associated with emotional disturbances such as hysteria, effects of grief, worry and spasmodic hiccough, mood changes, sadness or consistent crying. The key symptoms are caused due to conditions by grief, sensitivity to pain, hidden and bottled up emotions. It treats other serious symptoms such as a headache associated with congestion and rush of blood, weakness of the muscles of eyes, neuralgic pain in orbit, sore and lumpy throat, and pain ears due to bottled up emotions.

Key Ingredients:
Genuine powdered extracts from dried seeds of Ignatia fruit
Key Benefits:
Treatment for stress associated with grief and cryingCures neurological symptoms such as hysteria, hysterical vomiting, sadness and mood changesCures a cough, headache and nausea that arise as a part of affections associated with griefHelps to release emotional stressHelpful in treating weakness in eyes Indicated for treating sore and lumpy throat Helps to regulate menses in women
Directions For Use:
Take 3-5 drops for 2-3 times unless otherwise prescribed by a physician. It can be taken along with other allopathic medicines.

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useStore in cool, dry and dark placeDo not exceed the recommended doseKeep out of the reach of childrenStore at a temperature below 25-degree Celsius and 40 % humidity in cool and dry placeAvoid exposure to direct sunlightAvoid any strong smell in the mouth while taking this medicine like coffee, camphor, etc.Maintain a half/one hour gap between food/drink/any other medicine and homoeopathic medicine.
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