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Commonly known as Cud-Weed, this is a very good remedy for sciatica (pain along the sciatic nerve). It helps in resolving muscle and bone symptoms:
Severe pain along sciatic nerve (Sciatica) extending from back to hip and up to leg, this pain alternates with numbness
Cramping pains come on frequently in calves and feet.
Rheumatic pain in lower extremities.
Redness, pain, and tenderness in big toes.
Pains are relieved by raising limbs up, drawing thigh towards the abdomen.
Old rheumatic pains of back and neck.
Severe diarrhea and vomiting in infants (Cholera infantum)
Gurgling noises in the abdomen due to gas and fluids (borborygmus)
Dose: As directed by the physician. Can be taken with other allopathic medicines.
Side effects: None reported
Maintain half an hour gap between food/drink/any other medicines and homeopathic medicine. 
Avoid any strong smell in the mouth while taking medicine e.g. camphor, garlic, onion, coffee, hing.
Use under medical supervision.
SBL Gnaphalium Polycephalum Dilution 30 CH