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SBL Filix Mas Dilution is a homeopathic remedy for worm infections. It has marked action on stomach and hellps in resolves symptoms of stomach, lungs and eyes.

Key Ingredients:
Male fern

Key Benefits:
Helps in treating constipation caused due to tapeworm infection and stomach feels bloated like acidityReduces severe pain that comes and goes (colic) due to worms along with itching of noseManages the tuberculosis in young patients who have no complaints of fever and have superficial (ulcerated) lesionsReduces the chronic inflammation of lymphatic glands in the bodyIncreases the vision of eyes

Directions For Use 
As directed by the physician. Can be taken along with allopathic medicines.

Safety Information:
Avoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol during the courseKeep out of the reach of childrenUse under medical supervisionRead the label carefully before useAvoid any strong smell in the mouth such as coffee, onion, hing, mint, camphor, garlic etc while taking the medicineKeep at least half an hour gap between food/drink/ any other medicines and allopathic medicine
SBL Filix Mas Dilution 30 CH