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SBL Digitalis Purpurea Mother Tincture is a multipurpose health tonic which is used to treat disorders of the heart, kidneys and skin. It heals cuts and wounds and can be used to cure aconite poisoning. It helps in strengthening heart muscles and protects from heart failures. Anxiety and anxiousness of mind can also be relieved by its use.

Key Ingredient:

Key Benefits:
Highly effective in the treatment of heart related ailmentsIt relives congested arteries and stimulates muscle activity in the bodyNourishes the heart and improves blood circulationHelpful in the treatment of kidney disorders and ensures its proper functioningRelieves from gastritis and chronic bronchitisHighly effective in the treatment of burns and woundsIt can be used to sooth and repair damaged cellsUseful in curing respiratory ailments such as Dyspnoea, Inflammation of bronchial tubeHelps in reducing swelling of genitals and enlarged prostate in malesProvides relief from abdominal pain
Directions For Use
Take 3-5 drops of mother tincture in half cup of water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useDo not exceed the recommended dosageMaintain half an hour gap between food and drink before taking medicineKeep out of the reach of childrenUse under medical supervisionStore in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat
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