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SBL Cocculus Indica Dilution is a homeopathic remedy which is useful in treating of various health disorders. Formulated with the seeds of the Anamirta Cocculus plant, it is helpsful in treaing epilepsy and headache. Painful deformities in limbs accompanied with trembling and numbness can also be treated using this remedy. It is also beneficial for stomach disorders and also helps in relaxing muscles.It is also helpful in treating heavy and painful periods in women.

Key Ingredients:
Cocculus natural extracts

Key Benefits:
Effective in treating vertigo and headache while travellingEffective against epilepsyRelieves painful deformities of the limbs and trunk
Helps in treatment of paralysis of one side of the body with trembling and numbness of limbsReduces cracking sound made from the knees while walking
Reduces pain as from sharp stones when walkingAversion to food and its smellHelps in treating condition of heavy and painful periods in females

Directions For Use:
Dosage should be directed by the physician

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useKeep away from the childrenDo not exceed the recommended dosageStore in a cool and dry place
SBL Cocculus Indica Dilution 30 CH