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A mineral compound, Carbonate of Lime is a great remedy par excellence for correcting all nutritional disorders and the changes it brings about in the glands, skin, and bones.

They are very quick to understand but forgetful and easily confused.
Severe anxiety with palpitations and the smallest kind of work makes their head hot.
Very stubborn in nature.
Fears loss of reason, misfortune, contagious diseases
Averse to work or exertion

Excessive sweating in the scalp, headache from lifting anything heavy, feel giddy when turns the head.
Head feels very cold like ice.
A sense of weight on top of a head. 
A headache, with cold hands and feet. 
Vertigo on ascending, and when turning head
Icy coldness in, and on the head, especially right side
Much perspiration, wets the pillow
Itching of the scalp. Scratches head on waking

Pain in ears with white-yellow discharge
Difficulty in hearing increased sensitivity to cold
Deafness from working in water
Sensitive to cold about ears and neck
Polypi which bleed easily

A good remedy for colds that come at every change of weather, nose block, with foul smelling discharge.
Dry, nostrils sore, ulcerated. Stoppage of nose, also with fetid, yellow discharge
Takes cold at every change of weather
Coryza alternates with colic

Aversion to meat, boiled things
Eats all sorts of indigestible substances like chalk, coal, pencils. Loses appetite when he overworks
Milk disagrees
Frequent sour eructations; sour vomiting. 
Dislike of fat. Loss of appetite when overworked
Liver region painful when stooping
Cannot bear tight clothing around the waist
Gall-stone colic

Periods come very early and extend for many days. 
A headache before periods begin. 
Vaginal discharge is white and thick with itching of the parts.
Much sweat about external genitals

Breathing gets affected especially when climbs the stairs, chest region cannot tolerate any touch or pressure. 
Voice is hoarse but painless.

A good remedy for fevers with a lot of sweating especially on the head and at night.
Chill at 2 pm begins internally in the stomach region. 
Fever with sweat
Night sweats, especially on head, neck, and chest
Sweat over head in children, so that pillow becomes wet

Dose- As prescribed by the physician. Can be taken along with allopathic medicines.

Maintain half an hour gap between food/drink/any other medicines and homeopathic medicine. 
Avoid any strong smell in the mouth while taking medicine e.g. camphor, garlic, onion, coffee, hing.

Side effects- none reported.

Use under medical supervision.
SBL Calcarea Carbonica 0/4 LM