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SBL Baryta Carbonicum Dilution 200 CH is recommended for old people when they suffer from paralysis and is used in multiple sclerosis of the brain and spinal cord. The elderly people have senile dementia, a disorder showing deterioration of mental abilities usually associated with getting old. Stroke and Alzheimer's disease are the two most common causes of this deterioration. 

Key Ingredients :
Baryta Carb

Key Benefits :
Reduces the loss of memory, short attention span, confusion, language difficulties, irritability and impaired judgementBest remedy for the tendency of tonsillitis, particularly in scrofulous childrenReduces the swelling up of the mucous lining with trouble in swallowing and inflammation of tonsils with the formation of pusHelps to reduce the enlargement of glands in the neck, or under the jaw and behind the earHelps in digestion, hiccoughs, and eructation, which relieves pressure as of a stonePain and weight immediately after a meal, with epigastric tenderness, is improvedManages the talking, awakening frequently and twitching during sleep
Directions For Use :
Use as directed by the physician or can be used with allopathic medicines.

Safety Information :
Read the label carefully before useAvoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol during the courseKeep out of the reach of childrenUse under medical supervisionAvoid any strong smell in the mouth such as coffee, onion, hing, mint, camphor, garlic etc while taking the medicineKeep at least half an hour gap between food/drink/ any other medicines and allopathic medicine
SBL Baryta Carbonicum Dilution 1000 CH