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Aethusa cynapium mainly affects the brain and nervous system, connected with gastrointestinal disturbance. Anguish, crying, and expression of uneasiness and discontent, lead to this remedy most frequently in disease in children, during dentition, summer complaint, when, with diarrhea, there is marked inability to digest milk and poor circulation. Symptoms set in with violence. 
Aethusa cynapium treatment for various ailments: 

For Mind ailments: Restless, anxious, crying, unconscious, delirious, inability to think, to fix the attention. and irritability. 

For Head ailments: Occipital pain extending down spine; better lying down and by pressure. Head symptoms relieved by expelling flatus (Sanguin) and by stool, Vertigo with drowsiness, with palpitation; head hot after vertigo ceases. 

For Eyes ailments: Photophobia; swelling of Meibomian glands, Rolling of eyes on falling asleep, pupils dilated. 

For Ears ailments: Feel obstructed, Hissing sound. 

Nose ailments: Blocked up with much thick mucus, the frequent ineffectual desire to sneeze. 

Use under medical supervision.
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