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Sulphuric acid is indicated when the patient is hasty, quick and restless in his actions, sometimes too, when there is the opposite condition, one of the great depression, as in typhoid states.

You find that there is a general sensation of trembling in the Sulphuric acid patient. He feels trembling from head to foot. The face in these conditions is rather peaked and is apt to be pale with blue rings around the eyes. 

Sometimes, there is a feeling as though white of egg were dried on the skin. The patient is particularly weak about the digestive organs, thus there is a cold, relaxed feeling about the stomach, making the patient long for some strong or stimulating drink, as brandy, and this too in persons who are not addicted to drink. So weak is the stomach they vomit all food, the ejected matters are very sour. 

Sulphuric acid has the power of modifying the thirst for spirituous liquors. 
Use under medical supervision.
SBL Acidum Sulphuricum 0/3 LM