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Acid Phos is normally believed to be a severe or semi-severe remedy for the consequences of anguish and fatigue. 
In effect, the most typical aspect of the mind of this homeopathic medication is a strange emotional detachment. 

Acid Phos is effective in people enduring the health conditions may experience loss of desire for food, coldness, an intense desire for succulent fruits or energizing fruit drinks, sweating and the feeling of an overwhelming weight of their head and / or light-headedness occurring in the evenings following long hours of remaining standing or when they are walking.

It is used for children who grow up very rapidly and, thereby, often suffer from growing pains. In fact, this is an appropriate medication for treating growing pains as well as other types of pains. 
Use under medical supervision.
SBL Acidum Phosphoricum 0/1 LM