(bottle of 200 ml Syrup)

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Rofy Syrup contains Folic Acid, Sodium Feredetate, Vitamin A and Vitamin B1.

Role of key ingredients:
Folic acid are used to produce healthy red blood cells and is important for pregnant women to prevent birth defects.
Sodium Feredetate is bioavailable and water soluble form of iron. It is used to treat iron deficiency anaemia, especially in children and in pregnant women who have low tolerance for other forms of iron supplements.
Vitamin A is also used for diseases of the nervous system, loss of sense of smell, persistent headaches, overactive, anemia, and ringing in the ears.
Vitamin B1 plays a crucial role in certain metabolic reactions.

Rofy Syrup is used for treatment of anaemia, iron and folate and vitamins deficiency in body during pregnancy.

Use under medical supervision.
Rofy Syrup