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Rilaxo Powder consists of Psyllium husk . Psyllium Husk is a wonderful natural product for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Rilaxo Powder is a perfect product to get natural psyllium husk.

Some of the important benefits of Rilaxo powder are:
Best sources of dietary fiber which controls weight maintains proper intestinal health.
Helps improve digestion and cleanses the digestive system for proper functioning of all the organs.
Stimulates the normal functioning of the intestines.
Improves the bowel movements. It reduces bloating and flatulence.
Helps to soften the stool and ease bowel movements.

Apart from its use in constipation, Psyllium husk is also an effective remedy for high blood cholesterol level. It lowers the low density lipoproteins and decreases the risk of heart diseases.

Direction of use:
For better results take 2 teaspoonfuls of Rilaxo powder at bedtime with water.

Use under Medical supervision.
Rilaxo Powder