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Revolizer Device is useful for inhaling dry medication powder orally for treating lung-related diseases. Revolizer is a cost effective, simple to use and environmental friendly device for pulmonary (lung related) drug delivery. Revolizer helps in controlling and treating asthma by providing accurate dosing and excellent delivery of the drug in the lungs.
Features of Revolizer Device:
Easy to use: Requires the placement of a drug capsule and inhalation through the mouthpiece provided, without shaking or priming.
Easy to maintain: The capsule chamber and the mouthpiece of the asthma device are cleaned with a dry, clean cloth.
Portable: This COPD device is small in size and can be carried around to deliver drug anywhere as needed.
Accurate and consistent dosage: The drug capsule provides fixed amount of the medication.
Use under medical supervision.
This product is non-returnable.
Revolizer Device