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Renu Fresh is a lens solution that features Hydranate, a component used to improve moisture content in one’s contact lenses.
Renu Fresh solution works to clean off contact lenses so they will feel fresh again when they need to be used. It is particularly useful for those with near and farsightedness. 
Renu fresh multi-purpose solution is proven to fight germs, clean lenses, and remove irritating protein deposits daily from your soft contact lenses for that fresh lens feeling every day. It even eliminates the need for a separate enzymatic cleaner or daily cleaner for many lens wearers.
Directions of use: 
It can be used by taking three drops on each side of the lens and rubbing for twenty seconds, then rinsing
each side for five seconds. 
The lenses should be soaked in the Renu Fresh solution in a lens case for at least four hours. The solution must always be emptied after every use.
Use under Medical Supervision.
Renu Fresh Solution