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Reno-Pro High Protein is a Nutritional supplement, designed exclusively to meet the needs of patients with chronic kidney disease stage 5 or patients maintained on dialysis.

Reno-Pro High Protein contains
Protein and Amino acids: High protein levels in Reno-pro HP helps meet the loss of protein during dialysis, Vitamins and minerals
Electrolytes: Low Electrolyte Content in Reno-pro HP reduces edema, controls blood pressure and also reduces the risk of CV complications due to hyperkalemia. Further, the risk of hyperphosphatemia is reduced as Reno-pro HP does not contain phosphorous.

Protein energy malnutrition (PEM) in dialysis patients
Patients on restricted diet due to comorbid condition/dialysis
In vitamins & minerals deficiency

Direction for use:
Reno-Pro HP Powder can be taken one heaped Tablespoon of powder in a glass, Add a little milk and stir to form a paste, Add required amount of milk into the paste, Stir well and drink.

Use under Medical supervision.
Reno Pro HP Powder Vanilla