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Rejuspermin Capsule contains Withania somnifera, Asparagus racemosus, Asparagus ascendens, Mucuna pruriens, Sida cordifolia, Adhatoda vasica, Ipomoea digitata, Hemidesmus indicus, Tinospora cordifolia, Mineral pitch, Boerrhavia diffusa, Emblica officinalis, Zingiber officinale, Tribulus terrestris, Piper Longum .
Low sperm count and less sperm motility are seen on a rise leading to higher incidences of male infertility. The reason for this can be attributed to change in life style, increased consumption of tobacco, alcohol, junk food, increased stress levels, etc. This also leads to Erectile Dysfunction and other related disorders like anxiety and decreased libido (sexual desire).

Role of key ingredients:
Mucuna prurience known to contain L-DOPA (Enhanced libido and sexual performance, improves mood and increases energy levels).
Gokshuru is considered as a natural aphrodisiac which helps to elevate the testosterone levels thus helps to solve infertility problems).
Shweta musli is a popular herb given for problems like low sperm count decreased libido. Enhances male potency and prevents premature ejaculation.
Shilajit is a powerful anti oxidant, aphrodisiac and strength promoter.
Amlaki is a strong antioxidant and rejuvenating herb with detoxification and cleansing property.

Benefits of Rejuspermin Capsule:
Enhances spermatogenesis increases sperm count,
Improves sperm motility hence the conception rates,
Corrects erectile dysfunction,
Restores vitality through phytonutrients,
Helps to increase libido, prolongs ejaculation and improves performance
Prevents pre-mature ageing.

Rejuspermin Capsule are used in conditions like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and male infertility (due to Low sperm density and movement).

Direction for use:
1 to 3 Capsules twice daily for 3 months (as per physicians advice).

Use under medical supervision
Rejuspermin Capsule