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Rejoint tablet contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate which is a formula that has been scientifically developed for treating and preventing osteoarthritis symptoms. 
Rejoint tablet is a unique combination of nutrients and bioactive elements that helps in the normal growth of bones and maintains healthy, supple, and flexible joints. Regular intake of this Glucosamine supplement can reduce joint pain, stiffness due to long periods of rest and morning stiffness. Glucosamine is the ground substance of cartilage and contributes to the strength and integrity of joint structures. When sufficient levels of glucosamine are present, cartilage retains its ability to hold water and acts as a shock absorber. 
Directions of use:
Rejoint tablets can be taken with or immediately after meals with a glass of water. Recommended dose is two tablets per day. 
Use under Medical Supervision.
Rejoint Tablet