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Developed by Radiation Oncologists using a scientific approach to help prevent radiation dermatitis and breaks in treatment as well as soothe and restore irradiated skin. Radia-Vit Radiation Repair lotion was formulated using the ingredients Calendula, Hyaluronate,Wheat Grass and Aloe Vera which were shown in phase III clinical studies to be effective in reducing the occurrence and severity of radiation dermatitis, delaying its onset and minimizing treatment breaks.

Advantages of Use:

  • Water Based Formula

  • Non-steroidal

  • Non-Irritating

  • Nut Oil Free

  • Alcohol Free

  • Safe & Effective on all skin types

Ingredients clinically proven to help:

  • Avoid breaks in radiation treatment

  • Prevent radiation dermatitis (Radiation Burns)

  • Reduces healing time

  • Protects and soothes radiation burns

  • Helps heal damaged skin

Radia-Vit Lotion