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Riconia LP tablets are enriched with vitamin A + thiamine mononitrate + vitamin B + vitamin C + vitamin D + alpha tocopheryl acetate + calcium pantothenate + folic acid + nicotinamide + biotin + lycopene + phytonadione + zinc + iodine + iron + magnesium + manganese + copper + calcium + phosphorus + tin + potassium + chloride + chromium + molybdenum + selenium + nickel + silicon + vanadium + boron
Vitamin B complex improves appetite , treats weakness & lethargy.
Phosphorus is the main component of ATP which is the fundamental energy source, protects bones and fights against osteomalacia.
Iron maintains Hb level thus fights against anemia.
Magnesium helps in synthesis of DNA & RNA. Potassium Iodide is required for the synthesis of thyroid hormone. Potassium helps in normal muscle & nerve activity.
Zinc increases stamina by prolonging muscle contraction and manganese prevents bone loss.
Lycopene is allegedly a more effective antioxidant than other of its carotenoid cousins which include beta-carotene. Its powerful antioxidant actions are effective in maintaining the strength, thickness and fluidity of cell membranes. Cell membranes are the guardians of cells. They are responsible for screening what goes in and out of cells. They allow good nutrients in and remove cellular junk and prevent toxins from entering the cells. Strong healthy cell membranes are vital in the prevention of many diseases.
Use under medical supervision.