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Indication:  Urine slow to starte, feeble streem, Retained or envolunatry after fright, Loss of power or sensibility of bladder.

Each 5 ml. Contains
Carbolic Acid  - 6x  0.25 ml
Opium  - 30x  0.25 ml
Belladona  - 6x  1.00 ml
Cantheris  - 6x  0.50 ml
Apis  - 3x  1.50 ml
Arsenic A. - 6x  1.50 ml

Mode of Action
Carbolic Acid 6x: While urinating always an envoluntary mucus discharge from anus.
Opium 30x: Retention of urine, as from inactivity of the bladder, from paralysis of fundus of bladder.
Belladonna 6x: Difficult discharge of urine, Continual dribbling of urine.
Cantheris 6x: Retention of urine, with cramp like pains in the bladder.
Apis Mellifica 3x: Burnning soreness when urinating – Pain in region of kedneys.
Arsenicum Album 6x: Difficult and painful emission of urine, Scanty urine.

Use under medical supervision.
REPL Dr. Advice No.100 Uremia Drop