(bottle of 20 GM serum)

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Rejuglow C20 serum brightens and tones sun-damaged and dull-looking skin with dark spots as it has multiple inhibition effect in the process of melanogenesis. It defends the skin against free radicals and environmental damage. 
Benefits of Rejuglow C20 serum:
Stimulates collagen synthesis and plays an active role in the prevention of premature aging of the skin.
Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - Helps to reduce skin discolourations.
Vitamin C is an excellent free radical scavenger
Directions for use:
1) Use day and night after cleansing and prepping the skin with toner.
2) Put about 1-2 drops of the C20 Vitamin Serum on to the hand and apply to dull and sagging areas.
(Avoid sensitive areas such as the eye, lip, or any scarred area, and use on the face as a whole.)
3) In daylight or outdoors, always apply sunscreen (with at least SPF15).
Use under medical supervision