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Pulmofit Pulmonary Powder is mainly used as nutritional pulmonary supplement. Pulmofit powder is enriched with Bovine Colostrum.

Bovine Colostrum contains antibodies, antimicrobial compounds and immune-regulating constituents, oligosaccharides, growth factors which protects body against recurrent of upper respiratory tract infections. In addition of Bovine Colostrum, Pulmofit also contains Whey Protein concentrate and about 24 other essential Vitamins and Minerals which helps the body in faster recovery from respiratory tract infections and also enhance the immunity of body.

Benefits of Pulmofit Pulmonary Powder:
Shows antioxidant activity
Prevents lung damage caused by free radicals
Strengthens immune system
Delays lung tumor growth
Detoxifying effect
Support better breathing and stronger respiratory system

Direction for use:
The required quantity of powder should be taken with hot milk once a day.

Use under medical supervision
Pulmofit Powder Strawberry