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Pulmo-cod CG Syrup contains creosote along with calcium hypophosphite, Vitamins A, B complex and D3, and Guaiacol. Creosote reduces the spreading of respiratory tract infections by making the lung environment antiseptic. Vitamin D3 builds immunity, vitamin B complex promotes vitality, and vitamin A rejuvenates lung cells. Guaiacol removes sputum present at the site of infection and allows the drugs administered to penetrate better.
Pulmo-cod CG Syrup is useful as a co-treatment in case of tuberculosis, COPD and other infections of the respiratory tract. It also improves lung function in asthmatics using inhalers and thwarts cough that is non-specific and specific in kids.
Directions of use:
Adults and children should take 2 and 1 teaspoon respectively of the syrup twice everyday.
Pulmocod-CG Syrup