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Pronuries hair Serum is a hair growth serum which contains Soya protein, Wheat Germ oil, Cylomethicone & cyclopentasiloxane. It strengthens, protects and anchors the hair follicles and reduces micro inflammation leading to reduced hair damage. It protects hair from sun rays (UV protection).
Benefits of active ingredients:
Soya protein is natural moisturizer, hair contsits of keratin which is a type of protein, this protein based moistuzier are for better results.
Cylomethicone & cyclopentasiloxane is colorless, odorless, non-sticky applications and improves water repellency. It adds silky softness and shine to hair and improves spreadability & provides lubricity to hair.
Wheat Germ oil nourishes damages oil and encourages growth hair. Wheat Germ oil is effective for deep conditioning and gives good strength to hair
Directions of Use:
Take serum on palms
Rub gently on the affected area of scalp with finger tips
Use about 1-2 ml or as required by individual
Use continuously for optimum results
Use under medical supervision

Pronuries Hair Serum