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Pravek Kalp Herbal Products Pvt Ltd

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Pravek Rumakalp Tablet contains Nirgundi (Vitex negundo), Erandmool (Ricinus communis), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Prasarani (Paederia foetia), and Rasna. Pravek Rumakalp Tablet is having a distinctive property for treating pain and inflammation of the body, especially in the knee and back.

Key benefits of Pravek Rumakalp Tablet:
It helps to treat Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Spondylitis, Sciatica, and Sprain.
Manufactured by most rigorous methods of Ayurveda.
Incorporating modern facilities to achieve the best result.

The direction of use:
Take 1-2 tablets twice daily with water or as directed by the physician.

Use under medical supervision.
Pravek Rumakalp Tablet