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Pravek Kalp Herbal Products Pvt Ltd

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Pravek Nervokalp Capsule contains Heera (Adam), Swaran (Aurum) Rajat (Argentum) Mukta, Praval (Corallium rubrum) Kuth (Saussurea lappa) Arjun. It is a rejuvenation preparation manufactured in accordance with stringent ayurvedic practices. It is truly age defying and provides a feeling of wellness of being. Specially created for the elderly, this formulation is an excellent immunity enhancer, memory booster, and cardio-tonic. It is also extremely effective in improving blood circulation as well as in curing neuro-muscular disorders. And that's not all, the regular use of this capsule increases longevity but enhances body resistance to illness.

Key benefits of Pravek Nervokalp Capsule:
It helps in treating ligament & tendon weakness, constituent elemental deficiency.
Manufactured by most rigorous methods of Ayurveda.
Incorporating modern facilities to achieve the best result.

The direction of use:
Take 1 capsule with honey or milk once or twice daily.

Use under medical supervision.

Pravek Nervokalp Capsule