(bottle of 30 capsules)

Pravek Kalp Herbal Products Pvt Ltd

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Pravek Medohar Capsule contains Guggulu(Commiphora mukul), Sanay patra (Cassia augustifolia), Sounth (Zingiber officnale), and Vilyati imli(Garcinia indica). It enhances fat metabolism action, converts excess fat into energy and reduces BMI (Body Mass Index). This helps invigorate a person mentally and physically. Medohar reduces the body weight which mitigates complications related to fat and obesity.

Key benefits of Pravek Medohar Capsule:
It helps reduces excess fat.
Manufactured by most rigorous methods of Ayurveda.
Incorporating modern facilities to achieve the best result.

The direction of use:
Take 1 capsule twice daily with luke warm water.

Use under medical supervision.

Pravek Medohar Capsule