(bottle of 200 ml Syrup)

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Potrate SF Syrup contains Citric Acid and Potassium Citrate as active ingredients. Potrate SF Syrup is used for the treatment of renal calculi, renal tubular acidosis and other kidney problems. It's a sugar-free formulation.

Key benefits/uses of Potrate SF Syrup :
- Citric Acid: Prevents small stones from becoming “problem stones” by coating them and preventing other material from attaching and building onto the stones
- Potassium Citrate: A urinary alkalinizing agent, makes urine less acidic

Direction for use/Dosage:
- As directed by the physician

Storage instruction:
- Store in a cool‚ dry and dark place
- Protect from the direct sunlight

Safety information:
- Keep out of the reach of children
- Do not exceed the daily recommended dose
Potrate SF Syrup