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Percos India Pvt Ltd

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Percos Hair serum is a hair growth serum which is enriched with moisturisers for protection of hair follicles. 
Percos Hair serum strengthen fragile curly hair as well as inhibits breakage. Percos Serum strengthens, protects and anchors the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. Percos Hair serum prevents re-occurrence of hair problems by reducing hair fall.
Benefits of Percos Hair growth serum:
Improves extracellular matrix proteins for better anchoring and promoting an increase of follicle size
Protects oxidative and photo damage and prevents early baldness
Directions for Use:
Take the serum on palm
Rub gently on the affected area of the scalp with finger tips
Recommended quantity per application per application: 1-2 ml or as required by individual
Continue regular use for best results 
Use under medical supervision
Percos Hair Serum