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Pentasure Critipep Powder is a Nutritional supplement. It is a specially formulated semi elemental formula for the nutritional management of gastrointestinal disorders and critically ill patients. 
Benefits of Pentasure Critipep Powder: 
Nutritionally complete semi-elemental nutrition.
Balance calorie distribution.
Rich in enzymatic hydrolyzed Whey Peptide (100% peptides).
Rich in Glutamine and BCAA for better immunity.
High in MCT (better absorption, instant energy).
Fructose based, sucrose-free, safe for Diabetics.
Clinically lactose-free and gluten free.
Ideal for Oral and Enteral (tube) feed.
Pre-measured and accurate dosage.
Easy administration. 
Pentasure Critipep Powder is recommended in:
Switch from Total Parenteral Nutrition to Enteral Nutrition
Crohn’s Disease
Short Bowel Syndrome
Acute Pancreatitis
Malabsorption Syndrome
Post Surgery Convalescence
Direction for use: 
Pentasure Critipep Powder can be taken one heaped Tablespoon of powder in a glass, Add a little milk and stir to form a paste, Add required amount of milk into the paste, Stir well and drink. 
Use under Medical supervision.
Pentasure Critipep Powder Creamy Vanilla