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Divya Triphala Churna contains Amla, Baheda, and Harad as a combination of ingredients.
- It helps to balance all three Triphala is considered a 'tridoshic rasayan', having balancing and rejuvenating effects on the three constitutional elements that govern human life: Vata which regulates the nervous system, Pitta which maintains metabolic processes, and Kapha which supports structural integrity.

Key benefits/uses of Divya Triphala Churna :
-It is beneficial in vision related troubles, constipation and stomach problems
- Triphala Churna is very effective in maintaining a healthy digestive system.
- It regulates bowel movements also.

Direction for use/Dosage:
Take Half or one spoon of Divya Triphala Churna, near 2-5 grams, empty stomach or after meals, according to the disease, take in morning and evening with tepid water
Or take as directed by the physician

Eye disorders, constipation and other gastric disorders.

Storage instructions: Store the formulation in cool and dry place

Safety information:
- Read the label carefully before use
- Do not exceed the recommended dose
- Keep out of the reach and sight of children

Patanjali Divya Triphala Churna