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Papulex Cleansing Gel enhances the appearance of skin by reducing blemishes & dark spots. It effectively reduces the secretion of oil from within the skin pores. Papulex Soap Free Cleansing Gel helps to reduce the appearance of imperfections on the skin. The cleansing gel contains moisturising agents to hydrate and soothe leaving skin smooth and refreshed.
Benefits of Papulex Cleansing Gel:
Helps reduce skin blemishes
Gently cleanses the skin
Soothes and moisturises
Gentle soap-free formulaSuitable for all skin types including sensitive acne prone skin
Direction for Use Papulex Cleansing Gel:
Wet your face with water
Apply and rub the gel to the face or affected area
Massage for a minute and wash with clean water
Use twice a day i.e Morning & Evening
Use under medical supervision
Papulex Cleansing Gel