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Ovador Tablet contains Myo-Inositol, D-Chiro-Inositol, Chromium (III) Decanoate and L-Methylfolate.

Role of key ingredients:
Myo-inositol is used as dietary supplement. Inositol are compound belongs to vitamin B-complex family that promotes female fertility. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have defect with insulin signaling pathways. Myo-inositol corrects the malfunctioning of the insulin pathway.
D-Chiro-Inositol is a chemical mediators of insulin that improves insulin sensitivity. It also improves the metabolic profile of PCOS women by reducing total cholesterol, and triglycerides.
Chromium (III) Decanoate encourage the formation of glucose tolerance factor that is required to make insulin more efficient. Increase in insulin level is the major problem in the case of PCOS.
L-Methylfolate regulates homocysteine levels and promotes ovarian normality and smooth functioning.

Ovador Tablet is used to treat polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and its complications.

Directions of use:
Take Ovador Tablet orally.

Use under medical supervision.
Ovador Tablet