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Olemessa oil is a baby oil which comes with the goodness of natural oils like Sunflower oil, Olive oil and Almond oil. These oils are perfect for the delicate skin of babies. The vitamins present in Olemessa massage oil prevents damage from free-radicals and improves skin condition.
Olemessa oil massage helps to soothe the skin and produces a relaxing effect. It helps in the absorption of fatty acids that nourishes the skin and causes better somatic growth. Regular use of the oil results in reduced transepidermal water loss and improves thermoregulation.
Other Benefits:
Boosts relaxation
Enhances the immune system, motor skills, and intellectual development of the baby.
Improves sleep-wake pattern
Better weight gain
Olemessa oil can be used by adults with dry or sensitive skin.
 use under medical supervision.
Olemessa Massage Oil