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Oryza Cream is a skin whitening and moisturising cream which contains Ceramide.

The Oryza ceramide is formed from an extract taken from rice. Oryza Ceramide is more potent than ascorbic acid, arbutin, and ellagic acid. The ceramide is found to have a direct impact on the process of melanogenesis and thereby mediate whitening of the skin. Ceramide also has moisturising properties and therefore nourishes the skin.
The ceramides are located in the stratum corneum of skin and play important roles for maintaining barrier function, and protecting the skin against various foreign damages. Oryza Ceramide is suitable to be used as, supplement for prevention against aging and rejuvenate stressed skin.

Oryza Cream provides beautification to the dull and dry skin and additionally adds glow to the skin.

Use under medical supervision