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Orglo Syrup is a haematinic which contains Ferric ammonium citrate, Cyanocobalamin and Folic acid. Orglo Syrup is recommended in anemia a condition that develops when the blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or haemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a main part of red blood cells and binds oxygen. If there are too few or abnormal red blood cells, or hemoglobin is abnormal or low, the cells in the body will not get enough oxygen. Symptoms of anemia like fatigue occur because organs aren't getting what they need to function properly.

Benefits of Key ingredients:
Iron supplements are needed to treat iron deficiency anaemia. The increased iron intake allows the body to increase its production of haemoglobin, which is the oxygen-transporting substance found in red blood cells. Itech improves the patient s condition by working as a dietary supplement to fulfill the iron deficiencies and regulate oxygen in the blood, producing and maturing the red blood cells. Ferric ammonium citrate effectively helps in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.
Folic acid is essential to numerous bodily functions ranging from nucleotide biosynthesis to the remethylation of homocysteine. It is especially important during periods of rapid cell division and growth. Both children and adults require folic acid to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anemia.

Orglo Syrup is used in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia, anemia during pregnancy and severe blood loss

Use under medical supervision.