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Nuzyme Drop contains multi-enzymes like Fungal Diastase, Papain, Activated Dimethicone, Caraway Oil, Cinnamon Oil, and Cardamom Oil.
Nuzyme Drop contains various digestive enzymes which are helpful in better digestion which further increases the hunger of body. 
Fungal Diastase is a digestive Enzyme that helps in Carbohydrate Digestion. It helps in digestion of starch, carbohydrates, fats & Proteins. Fungal diastase is used as digestive aid in case of loss of appetite due to chronic illness, stomach fullness and indigestion.
Papain assists in digestion of carbohydrate and protein. Papain has enzymes that breakdown proteins and provide relief from pain and inflammation.
Nuzyme consists of various digestive enzymes which are helpful in proper and healthy digestion of food.  It helps in faster breakdown of starches, sugars, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, and lactose so that they can be absorbed properly. 
Use under medical supervision
Nuzyme Drop