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Nutriherbs Wheatgrass 800mg Capsule contains wheatgrass that is a budding grass of common wheat or barley plant called Triticum Aestivum. Nutriherbs Wheatgrass is packed with nutrients, chlorophyll, antioxidants, flavonoid, phenolic acid, electrolytes, magnesium, calcium, amino acids, iron, etc. This herb supports immunity and acts as a natural liver cleanser and detoxifier.

Key Ingredients:
Organic Wheat Grass leaves ExtractVitamin A, C, ECalciumMagnesiumAmino acidIron
Key Benefits:
Acts as a great skin cleanser, that exfoliates the skin and removes all impurities from the skinEnhances the blood circulation and provides elasticity to the skinEffective for hair problem and can help to balance the pH of your scalp and ultimately repair the hair folliclesPromotes weight loss and helps to maintain healthy thyroid gland, as it helps in weight lossBoosts the metabolism by increasing the energy levelDue to antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties, it helps to strengthen the immune system
Directions For Use
An individual should take 1 capsule of Wheatgrass twice a day before the meal. For best result take Wheatgrass capsule 30 minutes before the meal with lukewarm water.

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useStore in a cool dry place away from direct sunlightDo not exceed the recommended dose as it may cause overdosing effectsIn case of Pregnancy and lactation, Wheatgrass is strictly not advisableIn case of any medical diseased condition like kidney, liver, cardiac and any other, avoid using Wheatgrass capsulesChildren below the age of 18 years should strictly avoid taking Wheatgrass capsules
Nutriherbs Wheatgrass 800mg Capsule