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Nutriherbs Safed Musli 800mg Capsule contains an incredible ayurvedic herb, that assists in treating overall health. The part of the plant that we use is the tuberous roots extracts. Uses of organic Safed Musli for various medical problems like osteoarthritis, joint pain, arthritis, inflammation of joints, improving vitality, muscular weakness, fatigue, oligospermia, bodybuilding and low level of testosterone hormones etc. It is also effective for improving male performance and providing strength to the muscles.

Key Ingredients:
Safed Musli

Key Benefits:
Safed Musli helps in increasing sexual time and helps in enhancing performanceMay improve male weakness and also helps to boost urge of sex in both male and femaleSafed Musli is beneficial to reduce fatigue and weakness by providing strength to the bodySafed Musli may improve oligospermia, improves count, volume, liquefaction time and motility. It also improves the testosterone level in manHelps gain more healthy weight which makes it ideal for underweight people thus ideal for body builders which help to gain muscle weightDue to its anti-inflammatory properties present in the safed musli, it reduces the inflammation at the joints which occur during arthritisIt helps for the production of the synovial fluids which is responsible for lubrication of jointsSafed Musli will also help in managing the blood sugar level in underweight diabetic peopleSafed Musli has a tendency to provide relief from stress, depression and anxiety
Directions For Use
An individual should take two capsules of Safed Musli within a day, 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner time with Luke warm or with milk.

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useStore in a cool dry place away from direct sunlightSafed Musli is not recommended for pregnant, lactating womenChildren under 18-year ages should strictly avoid using Safed MusliAn individual with a medical condition like renal, hepatic, and cardiac disorders should consult with a doctor before use
Nutriherbs Safed Musli 800mg Capsule