(packet of 200 gm Beans)

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Nutriherbs Green Coffee Decaffeinated and Unroasted Arabica Beans are rich in antioxidant that are associated with powerful antioxidant that not only promotes weight loss but also lowers the risk of neurological diseases, reduce the ageing effects and also protects the heart from associated diseases. The unroasted beans are packed with natural antioxidant because in the roasting process the essential nutrient gets destroy, so the raw and organic coffee beans are very effective to bring weight loss and overall health benefits.

Key Ingredients:
1 Pack of Green Coffee Beans contain 200gm of Organic Beans

Key Benefits:
Acts as a powerful anti-oxidants that speeds up the body’s metabolismHelps to increase the basal metabolic rate (BMR) to a great extent which speeds the process of fat burningReduces the craving for food and averts us from overeatingMakes the body burn fat and reduce the unwanted calories quicklyActs as detoxifier that helps in removing toxins and unnecessary fats
Directions For Use
Soak 20-25 gm of green coffee beans overnight in 1 glass of water and strain the water in next morning and dry the beans by using a fine cloth towelCrush the beans to granules and take a pan and add 400-300 ml of water add granule beansBoil the mix over around 10-15 minutes in low flame and remove it from, heat and let it cool
Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useKeep out of reach of the childrenDo not exceed the recommended dosageStore in a cool dry place away from direct sunlightYou should strictly avoid taking high sugar containing foodstuffsFatty food consumption is strictly avoided with weight loss supplementsTeenagers below the age of 18 years avoid using any weight loss productsIn the case of pregnancy and lactation, this product is not recommended
Nutriherbs Green Coffee Decaffeinated and Unroasted Arabica Beans