(bottle of 10 ml Nasal Spray)

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Nosikind P Nasal Spray contains Xylometazoline, Benzalkonium Chloride as major ingredients.

Key benefits/uses of Nosikind P Nasal Spray
- Used to help clear the close, blocked nose and sinuses caused by colds and allergies. It is used to contract the blood vessels in the lining of the nose and sinuses, decreases blood flow and reduces swelling and the feeling of congestion
- Acts as decongestant provide relief from nasal congestion caused by allergies, sinusitis, and ear infections
- Acts as the nasal decongestant and used to treat nasal congestion

Directions for use/Dosage:
- As directed by the physician

- Nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis, hayfever and sinusitis

Safety information:
- Read the label carefully before use
- Keep out of the reach and sight of children
Nosikind-P Nasal Spray