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Neurob Forte tablet contains Cyanocobalamin, Pyridoxine and Thiamine.
Role of key ingredients:
Thiamine is a antioxidant properties, scavenges free radicals. They are also essential for growth, muscle development and nervous system strengthening. It helps in overall well being and increases appetite. 
Cyanocobalamin (inactivated form of Methylcobalamin) promotes the initiation and maturation of blood cells.
Pyridoxine is essential for normal foetal growth & milk production during lactation.
Neurob Forte tablet  is used for overall well being of the person. It can be used in case of Iron deficiency anaemia and nutritional anaemia. Matilda-ER works as a supplement to manage all Diabetic and Cariovascular complications.
Directions of use:
Neurob Forte tablet can be taken orally with water, after meals.
Use under medical supervision .
Neurob Forte Tablet