(bottle of 300 ml Elixir)

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Neogadine elixir syrup contains Iodised Peptone and Manganese Chloride. Iodised Peptone helps to improve the development of digestive enzymes while Manganese Chloride boosts production of starch-digesting enzymes. The Neogadine syrup works by treating irritation in the digestive system and soothing nerves to improve the digestion. They increase the secretion of the salivary and gastric glands, sharpens appetite and promotes digestion. It also helps in emptying of stomach by relieving constipation and flatulence. 
The syrup proves beneficial in conditions like lack of appetite and loss of weight. 
Directions of use:
A person can consume one tablespoon per day to reap benefits of this Neogadine syrup.
Use under medical supervision.
Neogadine Elixir