(packet of 105 GM sachet)

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Nrzee Sachet is a nutraceutical preparation composed of Dextrose, Sucrose, Zinc sulphate, Ascorbic acid, and L-glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid, which are building blocks of proteins. Naturally maximum concentrations of glutamine are produced by the muscles and is then transported throughout the body. Glutamine is helpful in maintaining the digestive system, immune system, and essential processes, especially during stress. It maintains positive nitrogen balance and helps in the overall growth. Glutamine is used by activated immune and anticancer cells. Due to these effects, glutamine plays an important part in the body by aiding recovery of muscle cells. Ascorbic acid helps in collagen synthesis and improves tissue repair. Dextrose and sucrose provides instant energy. Zinc and ascorbic acid functions as antioxidant and also boost immunity.
Nrzee are recommended for digestive system disorders, anxiety, enhancing endurance, and for general well-being during chronic disease.

Directions of use:
One sachet daily by dissolving in water

Use under medical supervision