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(tube of 20 GM gel)

Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Nomark Zap N Gel is enriched with natural extracts to help reduce inflammation (swelling) and suppress the bacteria that causes acne (pimples).It contains zap tube and the gel tube.

The zap tube contains lemon and clove oil that quickly kills pimple causing bacteria while the gel contains aloe and natural plant extracts that soothe skin regenerate skin cells and gently erase the pimple marks.
Nomark Zap n Gel contains ingredients from natural plants that reduces hyper pigmentation, redness, associated with acne. It nourishes and revitalizes the skin effectively.

Directions for use:
Wash and pat dry the skin before application. Apply directly onto the pimples, do not apply with fingers
Use the zap in the day followed up with the gel at night.

Use every day and as often as required till the pimple and the residual marks completely disappear.

Use under medical supervision.