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Nilsin capsule contains Mahasudarshan, Sunthi, Vach, Kosta Kulinjan and Sitopaladi as its key ingredients. Mahasudarshan boosts immuno resistance. Sitopaladi is a type of natural expectorant, stimulant, and helps overcome choorna burning sensation in eyes and body. Sunthi has anti- inflammatory as well as anti-histaminic properties. Vach helps in relieving broncho spasms. Kosta Kulinjan is an effective herb for respiratory disorders, cough and sore throat.
Nilsin capsules are effective in chronic cold problems associated with sinusitis, rhinitis, nasal congestion, sore throat, and feverishness. It reduces congestion and helps to open blocked nose and relieves headache.
Directions of use:
Two capsules per day need to be consumed.