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Mynberrys Compound Liquid contains Proteolysed Liver extract, Proteolysed Meat extract, Ovolecithin, and Ferrous Gluconate. The Liver extract is a rich source of Vitamins, which are essential for healthy nerves and blood cells and synthesising DNA. It also offers balanced amount of iron and folic acid. The Meat extracts provide with peptones and fats that can be broken down to generate energy for cells. Ovolecithin is a lecithin extract of egg yolk that is rich in fats required by cells for healthy development. Ferrous Gluconate is effective in balancing the iron levels in the body and boost the production of red blood cells. Mynberrys Compound Liquid is useful for maintaining health in growing children, adolescents, and elderly by balancing the levels of nutrients required on daily basis.
Directions of use:
A person must consume 10 to 20 ml twice daily for best results.

Use under medical supervision.
Mynberrys Compound Liquid